UpStream Beautiful Homepage

This website has a unique and asymmetrical layout that engages users in exploring it's content. The parallax effect is very smooth, and the color overlay on the images adds a custom touch to the site, allowing the content to pop and making it easier to read. The image selection is strong and creates a strong emotional connection between the users of the website and kids featured on the site.

Custom typography and iconography make the site look unique and branded. The overlay effect on all sections helps users understand which article or service they are on, and leads them to the call to action associated with each section. The video lightbox takes up the whole screen, which engages the user. The jumping arrow on the top of the page guides the user to scroll and explore more.

UpStream Beautiful About Page

It's not intuitive for users to find the “Sponsor A Child” page, but users can use a link in the footer or the call to action in the middle of the homepage.

The page is designed well in terms of user interface and functionality, though. The top left section lays out the messaging, and the right side displays the photos of the featured child in need. When users click a child's image, they zoom in to occupy the left space while the right space shows the child's basic information and provides a call to action that encourages them to learn more about sponsoring. Next to the image, arrows allow visitors to view other featured cases or head back to the landing page. 

Search filters includes an age range, gender selector, and country field. Results populate directly underneath the search field with arrows to view more and a “Learn More” button that brings visitors to an even better web experience. All candidates within search are listed in the right scrolling area. On the left, a large rounded image of the child and all information -- in text and infographic -- is placed.

UpStream Beautiful Website Design

Every subpage on the website has custom photography and iconography and uses infographics for an easy presentation of complex information and numbers. They do an excellent job presenting a large amount of information in an easy-to-digest manner.

UpStream is a beautiful website design in the Government and Non-Profit industries.