Sevenhills - Natures’s Combinations Amazing Website Design

Sevenhills Wholefoods is a virtual farmers market for whole foods from around the world; producers all share a belief in nurturing the land that they farm and the communities they work with. Their wide range of food allows people to choose the combination that best meets their needs. This is a sister website they made to take visitors on the journey of experiencing nature’s wildness.

Users are first greeted with horizontal parallax scrolling style, which makes the grid-based layout dynamic. The beautiful contrast within typography makes the visuals even more compelling, and the movement copes with the parallax effect well. The copy are simple yet conveys the company's message well, and the playful drag-and-drop function makes mapping even more fun. When mouse hovers over the top, the menu appears to offer additional navigation options. 

The most exciting part is “Explore the Journey” section, which creates a virtual reality effect. It uses a Google Earth view, landscaping photography in the background, and is topped with a hovering message to create a smart and interesting approach.  

Sevenhills - Natures’s Combinations is an amazing website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Education industries.