Phillips Colorful Homepage

Philips is an industry leader in dental tool design, manufacturing, and mechanics. They’ve long been the premiere voice and innovator for all things tooth-related, and their branding endeavors to perpetuate this primacy.

Philips wants to assert themselves as the incumbent leader in dental accessory design. Fortunately, they’ve managed to design a site that accomplishes this exactly.

The simplicity and cohesion of Philips’ home page perfectly reflects their branding strategy. The graphic background is full of logos that evoke the dental health industry. A stethoscope, toothbrush, and other medical accouterment all fill the otherwise blank, minimal space.

But this is more than just window dressing; the icons shown here all serve to create positive brand associations with Philips. It’s a simple psychological trick, to associate one brand with a variety of ideas just by putting things next to each other.

As users access the website, they’ll be enveloped in a home page that evokes an oral health expertise, while also being deliberately branded as Philips. By embedding positive brand imagery into the site’s home page, the designer has created a fluid and all-encompassing user experience that elevates Philips’ brand.

Phillips Colorful Stories Page

Philips’ “Stories” page, their portfolio, furthers Philips’ brand as a comprehensive dental institution. As users move their mouse around the site, the various squares and rectangles slightly enlarge.

Additionally, if users wish to learn more about the company’s experience, they can click on any one of these blocks to access information specific to that category.

The multi-level format to otherwise stagnant information increases the site’s interactivity and dynamism. Users are more immersed in a page that, in effect, responds to their mouse and, thus, their desires.

What’s more, by categorizing their material into a variety of blocks, the designer has made Philips’ information seem more all-encompassing. A single block of text doesn’t seem nearly as comprehensive as several gated pages of text do. By breaking up information amongst several windows, the designer makes it more expansive and easier to digest.

Phillips Colorful Website Design

The final and perhaps most significant way that the designer has made Philips appear more masterful is with their manifesto page as part of their “About” information. Rather than breaking the material up into yet another block of text, the designer has instead embedded a video that presents the information in a more dynamic way.

It makes it seem like Philips has unlimited resources and capabilities. By continually shifting the media users are consuming within the site, the designer has given Philips a more comprehensive grasp on the information they’re presenting. It’s a subtle but powerful concept; if you give users a more all-encompassing experience, the brand appears more all-inclusive by association.

Phillips is a colorful website design in the Manufacturing and Technology industries.