Milwaukee Police News Awesome Website Design

The Milwaukee Police Department created a community resource in this one-page parallax site. It uses tabs and sliders to showcase information in clear hierarchy is done in a way that keeps the site from being overwhelming. The colors are muted, and the photography is strong and high-resolution.

Navigation is broken into sections, and can be viewed several ways. The user can use the introductory panel's quick links, simply scroll down, or use the sticky navigation element on the right side of the page. Subtle parallax can be seen as users scroll further down the page. 

As users scroll down, “the source” section displays news articles related to the community. The content is neatly organized, with a horizontal scroll that displays unfiltered information directly from the police.The statistics are presented with soothing colors and fantastic imagery. As users scroll through the stats, the police chief can be seen walking past his officers in a never-ending loop. The typeface for this section is large, bold, and attention-getting.

When users click on the headshot of an individual, they can read additional biographical information. However, the serve-and-protect area seems unfinished -- it would be nice for users to receive additional explanations for the photos.

Milwaukee Police News is an awesome website design in the Professional Services industry.