GE Corporate Homepage

General Electric is a true American success story. The company has been in business for over 125 years and was one of the original 12 companies available on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Of those 12, it is the only one still remaining. To survive for 125 years requires innovation, fearlessness, and maybe a little bit of luck too.

While there may not be any luck involved here, it’s easy to see that the spirit of innovation is still alive and well at GE. Their home page is bright blue that represents their company colors. However, the most interesting feature on their homepage is their navigation menu. Behind the large search bar is a scrolling wheel of menu options. Each line begins at the top, slowly fades into focus, disappears for a moment behind the search bar, and then begins to fade away as it “rolls” back down to the bottom of the screen.

It is certainly a unique menu, there is no debating that. The search bar is large and eye-catching which helps draw attention to this innovative navigation menu. It also is essential on the website of a company like GE. General Electric doesn’t simply sell microwaves. They are one of the world’s largest companies with business interests in a wide range of industries. Having a search bar to quickly help visitors move through the site to the page they need is a very smart UX decision by GE.

GE Corporate Website Design

Each business within GE has its own landing page with its own unique personality. Above is what you see when you arrive at the GE Aviation page. There are two still images and an embedded video to greet visitors right away. The image choices are clearly aimed at showing off the innovative, forward-thinking nature of General Electric. The close-up shots give a sense of intimacy rather than using distanced shots of airplanes flying overhead.

Even in the video thumbnail, GE has used a beautiful depth of field effect with a close up subject and an out-of-focus airplane in the distance.

GE Corporate Press Page

If visitors click through to the “GE Newsroom” they are greeted with a clean page that maintains the design choices from the homepage. Far too often, when you visit a corporate “news” section, the web page is a mess of press release links with no real organization or care for design. GE makes it easy to consume the latest stories from their company. A large hero image stretches across the screen. There is a simple white text and a call to action button for users that want to learn more.

Moving onto the next story is easy with the clear navigation buttons. Visitors can browse headlines and easily jump in further for more details with the click of a button. GE has designed a very user-friendly website with some unique innovation that we have come to expect from the 125 year old business giant. Who ever said an old dog can’t learn new tricks?

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