Its OK Minimalist Print Design

Ozan Karakoc is a Los Angeles-based designer and creative director who specializes in branding and graphic design. This booklet/brochure introduces himself and his brand and studio. It also depicts his thoughts on branding products, services and markets.


Its OK Clean Print Design

Karakoc combines strong typography and color blocks, effectively producing a sort of "how to" book that helps the user take his first steps on brand creation and conception.

Its OK Great Print Design

His color combination of yellow, white, gray, and black is bold. These contrasting colors are effective in creating different spaces for various content to live. 


Its OK Awesome Print Design

Details, such as the yellow on gray or gray on yellow lines throughout the pages, make this brochure clean and cohesive.

Its OK Print Design


The monochromatic black and white photography helps achieve a minimalist look. This design approach makes this booklet pleasant to ready by streamlining information and saving the reader valuable time. 

It's OK is a minimalist print design in the Advertising industry.