Coffee Station Gorgeous Print Design

Olena Fedorova designed these business cards and packaging for Coffee Station, a coffee shop in Baku, Azerbaijan, that takes consumers back to Italy in the 1930's. 


Coffee Station Fun Print Design

The colors and graphic styles are very typical of that era, and can be seen on the stamps, handwritten notes, and materials such as brown paper and burlap bags.

Coffee Station Retro Print Design

The icons exude the '30s as well -- it almost appears like someone picked up a pen and drew them, yet they use the same color and maintain similar shadowy areas within the drawings.

Coffee Station Cool Print Design

After examining posters and print from that era, it's clear that the designers perfectly added a vintage feel to the brand.

Coffee Station Print Design


The overlapping elements -- such as signatures, stamps, and icons -- were taken straight from the past and placed in the present perfectly. 

Coffee Station is a retro print design in the Food & Beverage industry.