Sydney Dogs and Cats Home Fun Logo Design

The Sydney Dogs And Cats Home Logo Design Utilizes Clever, Simple Illustrations

Sydney Dogs And Cats Home is Sydney, Australia’s only charity animal shelter. It’s been taking care of pets since 1946, and truly cares about the animals in its care. Each year, this shelter sees over 3,000 animals walk through its door and does everything it can to help these animals find happy, forever homes.

It’s a brand with a heart and a mission that everyone can feel good about. And to match such a lively and passionate spirit, designers came up with a creative and playful logo design that perfectly captured this spirit in a fun and flirty way.

The logo is made up of a wordmark and illustration that is cleverly infused into one, big symbol. And it changes too!

But what really makes this design pop are the illustrations that take the place of actual words. In the brand name, the words “Dogs” and “Cats” are embodied using actual illustrations of cats and dogs. These illustrations are simple, minimal and delicate. They are created using thin, clean black lines that almost don’t touch, giving a lightness and infusing space in a way that is powerful and engaging.

These illustrations bring a playfulness to the brand and its services. And it certainly lightens the mood of what could potentially be a really dark topic. No one wants to think about the sadness that comes from seeing and hearing about lost and abandoned animals. And this shelter doesn’t want you to think about that past either.

That’s why they created such a fun and exciting logo to help put a smile on your face and emphasize the fact that these animals are now being cared for to the best of the shelter's abilities.

These animals are going to have a new, exciting life now. And this clever logo with playful and engaging illustrations puts the focus on that positivity in a stunning way.

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home Great Logo Design

Different Cat And Dog Images Can Be Switched Out Of This Logo Design

Another really exciting and cool element of this logo is that, as we’ve stated, it can change. The changes are subtle and don’t take away from the overall look and feel of the image. But in a way, it adds to the overall brand identity and the fluidity of the shelter itself.

In this logo, the images of a cat and dog are interspersed into the brand name. And we’ve talked about how these illustrations are delicate and modern. But they also change depending on when you look at them.

The dog and cat images take on new forms and new looks to represent different breeds and types. And this helps to show others that the shelter houses hundreds of different animal breeds at a given time.

Animals are constantly being found, fostered and adopted. And the clever choice to use different animal imagery on different materials and designs is a great way to show that constant change the shelter experiences.

It also again shows that the brand is one that innately cares about the animals in its care and wants to show their love and support by promoting all that live inside of its walls.

And the best part about it is the simplicity of it all. The changes are subtle, with the images only different in the ears and eyes in some cases. But it’s just enough to make you look and make you smile.

The more animal images, the better in our opinion!

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home Logo Design

Bold Typography Gives The Shelter A Professional Backbone That’s Consistent Across All Branded Materials

There’s more to this logo than just the powerful illustrations, however. It does come with a strong typography that grabs attention and exudes authority.

The words between the illustrations, and in some instances the entire wordmark itself, are written in a strong, bold, black sans-serif font. The words are entirely uppercase to stand strong and demand attention.

And they certainly do.

These thick black lines refused to be ignored. They are strong and powerful. They are full of authenticity and honor. They mean business.

And they tell viewers that the brand means business too. The brand is strong and cares. It employs a robust team of dedicated professionals that put these animals first each and every day. And they will put you in contact with your new furry family member.

The robust nature of the wordmark is carried into its website as well. And it is also seen in a number of different branded materials.

This keeps branding consistent and shows visitors to the site and to the shelter that this is an authentic and full-functioning brand. It's been in the business of saving animals for years and you can trust it with this task for years to come.

This shelter houses thousands of animals every year. And it puts these animals into the arms of loving families. It cares and its good at its job.

This bold and hearty typography emphasizes that, and its infusion across the brand’s materials shows consistency and authority that establishes it as a leader in the field.

Sydney Dogs And Cats Hat Logo Design

An Interchangeable Logo Design Adds A Playful Edge To The Animal Shelter

This logo for the animal shelter puts a modern twist on a classic design. The bold, typeface letters are symmetrical with basic shapes that form a dog and cat symbol.

And as shown in the pictures here, the logo is interchangeable. For example, the logo in some instances uses imagery to represent the shelter in each and every word. The symbols work in the following order: Sydney (Opera House), dogs, cats, home.

But in others, you see a combination of words and images. But the simplicity and the way this logo can condense itself is so unique and creative that you can’t help but want to see more. The way these symbols can be used in place of words is not something you see every day.

For starters, just seeing different images inside the logo like with these changing cats and dogs is new. But to see a logo that can completely simplify itself into separate images alone is telling of the brand and its abilities.

The interchangeability of the logo and its elements here shows people that this brand can take on many forms, wear many hats and can excel at each and every one. It can find animals, nurse them back to health and put them in the hands of new families all with the same passion and dedication they’ve always exhibited.

Sydney Dogs And Cats Website Logo Design

What Is Sydney Dogs And Cats Home?

Sydney Dogs And Cats Home is a charity shelter in Sydney, Australia. It was founded in 1946 and continues to be Sydney’s only charity-run animal shelter. The shelter houses more than 3,000 animals every year from dogs to cats to birds and more. And its mission is to find these animals forever homes where they can grow and thrive.

According to the shelter:

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home is Sydney's only charity pound and community facility. The Home, has been taking care of Sydney's lost, abandoned and neglected pets since 1946. Today we open our doors to 3000 pets each year, servicing multiple council areas across Sydney and pride ourselves on never placing a time limit on any animal awaiting adoption. We also deliver a range of successful mental health focused community programs. Creating a life line to both the animals we care for and those in the community that need it most.

The shelter has become a refuge for abandoned and lost animals, with a mission of improving these animals’ lives for the better. And they run a series of community-wide events to not only support the shelter but to support the community at large.

Sydney Dogs And Cats Home is a community of animal lovers and doctors who care about their communities and the people and pets inside of them. They’ve been doing their best to better the world at large for more than 70 years and with the help of volunteers and donations, they plan to continue for another 70.

This is more than just a shelter, it’s a home. And you can feel that personality and that spirit in its website and in its robust logo design.

Sydney Dogs And Cats Tote Logo Design

The Power Of Fluidity In Logo Design

The fluidity of the Sydney Dogs And Cats Home logo is enchanting, engaging and fun. The logo uses bold typography and creative illustrations to stand out, give the brand a playful edge and show off its robust personality.

And the interchangeability is especially unique, capturing the brand and its services in s creative and cool way.

This logo is definitely different from the rest but there’s no doubt it works.

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